Creating a Resilient Future for your child
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Giving young people skills for life, enabling them to thrive

Have you ever worried about your child not being resilient? Have you been searching for answers to your child’s behaviour or emotional challenges? Our Resilience Tutors work with children and families who are struggling with answers to these exact same questions. We have worked with thousands of young people over the years, teaching them the social and emotional skills needed to better manage their energy, emotions and thoughts.
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Powerful tools to help young people navigate life’s curve balls

Just as young people engage in tutoring for their academic development, we believe they should have access to the same support for their social and emotional development. This means that when life throws its inevitable curve balls, young people are equipped with practical tools to navigate life’s experiences with confidence.

About our results-oriented, resilience programs

Our licensed Resilience Tutors facilitate a world-leading course that empowers young people to cultivate a healthy mind and improves their overall wellbeing. The program’s Six Pillar Resilience Model is research-based and ground in neuroscience, guiding participants to better understand how the brain, emotions, thoughts, and their energy is connected to a resilient life.

6 week online group tutoring

Children 6-week group tutoring

Children (ages 8-12)

Don’t wait until your child is overwhelmed by negative life experiences and struggling to cope. Find a way to truly connect with your child on a deeper level. Our 6-week group tutoring program assists with child social development and teaches them the resilience tools they need to move through life with confidence.
Teenagers 6-week group tutoring

Teenagers (ages 13-20)

Do you want to improve the resilience and wellbeing of your teenager? We work with young people, offering hands-on support as they move from challenge to resilience on the path to adulthood.

About our Resilience Tutors

Our Resilience Tutors are committed to delivering quality tutoring and support for your child as they develop crucial skills for life. They’ll help young people discover the keys to their own wellbeing and resilience, providing educational experiences that place self-mastery in a young person’s hands. With their supportive and engaging teaching style, entire generations can be inspired to follow suit.
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