Case Study

Meet Jane

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Jane was a 10-year-old girl struggling with feeling anxious, sad, lonely and nervous at home and at school. Because she had never known anything else, she was convinced the way she felt was normal. Despite the fact that her friends, family and teachers all tried to help, Jane was becoming more withdrawn by the day. She had seen numerous health professionals, but things still didn’t make sense to her.

By the time Jane joined the 6-week Resilience program, she had begun to cope by projecting her feelings towards her Mum. But, when she started learning a new concept every week about how her body and brain reacted to different situations, Jane developed a deeper understanding of her energy, thoughts and emotions, and how they connected to her experiences. She learnt to approach situations with different perspectives and started to understand how to manage her feelings during experiences that typically caused her anxiety, depression and social withdrawal.

Jane learnt to transform once-scary situations into a fantastic discovery about herself – and had a lot of fun while she was at it. In fact, she loved it so much she returned for a second round of resilience tutoring to understand herself even better.

Now, Jane is 12, in high school, and loving every moment of her life. Her academic results have improved, she has a great social life, and she is no longer taking things out on her Mum. Jane is able to link every tricky situation with a new discovery about herself to learn and grow. We couldn’t be prouder of her.