Case Study

Meet Jett

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7-year-old Jett was experiencing explosive daily tantrums where he would yell, kick and hit everything and anything close to him – including people. In fact, his school often had to evacuate the classroom and even Jett’s mum could not calm him down. Instead, she had to wait until the storm was over. After several visits to health professionals, the situation was becoming desperate. Luckily, however, Jett and his mum linked up with The Resilience Tutor.

Over the course of 18 weeks, we worked with Jett and his mum as we explored how his brain and body reacted to new or overwhelming situations. His mum learnt to talk with him using the PACE model [VL1], and the two of them read The Ultimate Experience: Discovering me. Jett also engaged with mathematical equations that helped him connect his emotions and thoughts to his daily experiences. 

Through this process, Jett developed strategies that helped him be more resilient and have calmer reactions to challenging situations. Now, he is back at school full-time, enjoying a happy and healthy life.