Case Study

Meet Sam

Pattern strip

9-year-old Sam’s parents were concerned when he suddenly went from a happy and content child to feeling overwhelmed, moody and withdrawn. He began to isolate himself with no interest in making any friends or speaking to anyone. He rarely talked to his parent, teachers or health professionals about anything he was feeling, had very low energy and struggled to get out of bed most days despite getting enough sleep. His experiences were downplayed as a phase he would grow out of by others, and his parents were at a loss.

That was until Sam joined the 6-week resilience program. He was in a group with 3 other children and every week he learnt new concepts about linking his emotions, thoughts and energy to his experiences in order to better understand himself. He came to understand how to apply different resilience strategies to tricky situations and how to circulate the oxygen around his body for more balanced energy.

Learning about his energy and how his brain worked was something Sam really enjoyed. Being so engaged in the process led him to make incredible progress. He has also opened himself up to new experiences by enthusiastically writing in his self-discovery journal.

Sam’s Mum is so happy to see the change in him and grateful she invested in the program. The benefit to him can be best described by Sam himself, who says “’sometimes, all we need is to be taught how our brain and body connect to different life experiences.’’ He now uses every tricky situation as a learning opportunity and is actively engaging with the world around him.