How our experiences shape our mood

Every day we all have 100’s of experiences.

What can we learn from them?

Here are some real-life examples to explain how our experiences shape our mood, and how self-mastery can help us every day.

Positive energy spaces

Recently, a neighbour knocked on my door asking for help with something. I enjoyed helping them, and felt good that I could assist. It was a positive experience. Leaving, me feeling good with lots of positive energy.

Listening to your body

Yesterday, I came down with a migraine. I wasn’t feeling very well at all. I had a very bad headache, no energy and I just needed to go to sleep. From this experience I learnt that my body needed to rest. I listened to my body and relaxed for the rest of the day.

I turned what was initially a negative experience, into a positive experience of acknowledging that I needed to rest and enjoyed taking the time to rest, with my favourite quietening music and in a comfortable space.

Negative energy spaces

Another experience I had, left me feeling very negative. I was upset upon hearing some news. It really threw me. I ended up wasting time in a very negative space, pacing around the house trying to find my keys and sunglasses to go for walk but feeling so angry I couldn’t find anything!

How did I eventually get out of the negative energy space into a positive energy space?

I followed three steps:

  • The first step is recognising, being in a negative space or having negative thinking.
  • The second step is knowing howto come out of a negative energy space.
  • The third step is to consciously, do an activity that changes your energy levels.

Yes, we do have the power to put ourselves in all types of energy spaces – positive and negative.

Find what works for you, to come out of negative energy spaces and raise your positive energy space. For me, I like going for a walk at the beach or listening to uplifting music that is fast and fun!

Did you know, that different types of music can put you in different moods or energy spaces?

Learning experience: Can you discover which music, gives you high energy, centred energy or low energy?

When we learn about the skill of energy…. we are learning about self-mastery.

Try this for fun…

Take some time to look at how many different types of experiences you have in one day. You can have a positive experience, a sickness experience, a negative experience, a helpful experience…

Work it out mathematically: How many different experiences, do you have in a day, multiply that number by 7 days (a week) and then multiply by the number of weeks in a year….. How many experiences do you have in a year?

The next step that is really cool, is to look at how you learn from each experience that you have. For example, in my sickness experience, I learned to listen to my body and say “Stop and rest.”

Work it out mathematically: How much will you learn in one year from your experiences?

Fun fact: When we learn mathematics…. we are linking to the logical brain and the brain remembers the information, creating strong neural pathways.

Learning exercise: Try to be conscious about what experiences you are having, what can be learned from them, and how long you want to stay in each energy experience.

Learn about the three-step process to transform your moods from one energy space to another energy space.

Imagine empowering your young person to approach new experiences positively and develop resilience. If you are ready to learn how you can ignite a love of learning in your young people, register your interest for my 5-week facilitated online course or simply get in touch.


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