Resilience Programs

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Teenagers 6-week group tutoring

6-week online group tutoring

Our licensed Resilience Tutors empower young people to cultivate a healthy mind and improve their overall wellbeing. The program’s Six Pillar Resilience Model is grounded in neuroscience and research-based, guiding participants to develop emotional strength by better understanding how the brain, emotions, thoughts, and energy connect to a resilient life.

Who is the program for?

Young people who:

How does it work?

In-School Programs

The Resilience Tutor In-School Program

There are two levels to this model:

Resilience is intrinsically connected to mental health and well-being, crucial for academic success. By fostering a culture of resilience, schools can create a supportive and empowering environment that fosters every student’s social and emotional growth and development.

The Resilience Tutor™ In-School Program supports and compliments the school’s behaviour management process with explicit links to developing students’ social, emotional and resilience skills.

Designed for
Primary and Secondary schools that want to address the resilience gap and invest in their student’s mental health and well-being within calm, centred and focused classrooms where everyone is learning together.
Proposed Outcomes

The Resilience Tutor will deliver:

Small Bespoke Group Model

$1,250 (saving 50% based on rrp)

Introduction to Whole School Model


Whole Class Model

P.O.A. per class

Parent Group Model


6 Pillar Resilience Model

The Resilience Tutor program is taught using the 6 Pillar Resilience Model of Experience, Brain, Thoughts, Energy, Emotions and Body. This teaching model has been created to support educators and allied health professionals in delivering a consistent program, that empowers young people.
6 Pillar Resilience Model - Teal Roof

This model empowers young people to

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