Book and Journal (Hardcover) Bundle


Get the journal in Hardcover format, and bundle with the Ultimate Experience: Discovering Me story book and save!

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The educational and inspiring children’s story book The Ultimate Experience: Discovering Me, was written to guide children through understanding how their emotions, energy and thinking connect with their behaviour and every experience they have. Each character in the book goes on their own journey of discovery:

  • Monkey explores the concept of energy
  • Dragon links this to understanding his emotions
  • Turtle connects the concepts to understanding how circulating the oxygen in your body is important
  • Owl discovers everything there is in understanding his thinking
  • Putting this altogether to create the Ultimate Experience for their lifetime.

To explore the concepts further, the step-by-step journal, provides practical and valuable ways for children to understand their emotions and behaviour. This reflective journal provides clear insights for children to connect with their unique selves and in the process discover true Resilience.

The journal includes access to additional video material for extended learning.

*Price includes postage!


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