Teaching and Learning Are Natural Parts of Life

A mentor teaches and guides your learning to empower you to design your future and believe it can happen.

In our lives, we are continual learners; learning is a natural part of life, and so is teaching. We are taught all the time, whether from physical people, experiences, circumstances, time, etc. Every conversation teaches us something and brings a new dimension to our lives.


The Power of Mentoring and Learning

One of the things I promote to the teenagers I work with is to have a mentor, and they’re not just for teenagers! Anyone can benefit from the power of mentoring to help clarify your thoughts, guide you, and give you even more tools to move through life effectively.

Let’s say you have an excellent idea for your life, and you need someone to teach you or show you how you can learn to shape the idea and move it forward. That’s where a mentor comes in. They want to help you discover your true potential connected to your values and uniqueness, and a mentor can help you gain the knowledge and make the connections, to take action. Look at this guide to finding the perfect mentor to accelerate and grow your vision for the future. Mentors share their passion for learning with you and guide or teach you through conversations and empower you to find your purpose and passion in life.

Learning, teaching and mentoring are all connected, and they bring depth to your life, which enables people to build a greater understanding of self and your life’s direction. Working through ideas, talking about them, and getting feedback is essential when you want or need to develop ideas and bring them to life through the creation process.

A mentorship is a valuable tool for turning your vision into reality. A mentor will guide you to have more profound clarity and discover your full potential. A mentor immerses themselves wholeheartedly into understanding you and the direction you want your life to take. They are as passionate as you about your goals, values and philosophy. They want you to succeed!

What’s so great about them is they provide you with a tailored approach to your personal and professional growth, which is vital to develop you as a person, leader and future adult! But step one is finding the right mentor for you.


Finding the Right Mentor for You: Like Putting Matching Puzzle Pieces Together

When you first go to a counsellor or meet a teacher for the first time, you test out the relationship to see if there is a vibe; you should do the same for a mentor. You need a mentor that is suited to you and your needs! You want to succeed in your goals. And you want your ideas to take shape in the best way possible, correct? So then, it’s essential to take some time to figure out who’s the right person for you. Mentors have walked in your shoes before you, so they are in the perfect position to TEAM up with you, advise and guide you.

I have developed the TEAM Framework to guide your thinking. When you take time to reflect on the valuable mentor questions, that will support you in discovering who your ideal mentor is. The framework is divided into four sequential sections Trust, Experience, Accelerate and Motivation, which are the fundamental building blocks for finding the perfect mentor for you! If you want to learn more about the TEAM Framework, don’t hesitate to contact me by messaging me on Facebook or Instagram at The Resilience Tutor.

The power of mentoring is the power of learning. What would it look like, sound like and feel like for you to have a mentor? Would a mentor bring your vision to life and your ideas to action? To truly connect with your philosophy and vision for the future, find your TEAM now!

I love this quote:

Choices Chances Changes – Choose to take a chance for your life to change. – Zig Zigler


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