The Power of Perspective

The Power of Perspective: Perspective is the key to life.

How exciting is it that there is no one way to see an idea or experience that we have? It is electrifying when we are taught about the Power of Perspective. It is like a light bulb has gone on, or we have opened a multi-dimensional doorway to our world and experiences.

There is nothing better in the world but seeing endless possibilities, connections, opportunities, and solutions for your life or an idea you want to bring to life. When we view life as a series of connected pictures, we see the bigger picture of life or an idea. It is like the old-fashioned movie frames; each segment has its own experience or idea, then it makes a story when you put each segment together. 

 When we stop to think of the word perspective, we often do not think of the layers to understanding how perspective interacts within our lives and our experiences. Perspective is like an onion, where you can peel off each layer to see another layer and another perspective. 


 An activity I use to teach young people about perspective.

Think of a scenario and use the different perspective lens below. Then, watch how the experience changes and becomes a different creative idea.  

Child looking at a globeWorld View – having a bigger global perspective than you can imagine. In this view, you can see a large number of different perspectives. We are all a part of a bigger picture universally. From a world perspective, you can see the details and the intricacies that reflect the different perspectives. Imagine visiting each country, and each country has a different perspective to add.


Helicopter in the skyHelicopter View – you are searching for a big picture. You want to see the whole experience. So visualise you are hovering, and you’re high in the sky and looking down to see all the different perspectives, look at the environment, other people and yourself.


Man on balcony

Balcony View – you are looking for more details about a situation, idea or experience. For example, visualise you are looking down from a balcony, you are removed from the situation or idea, what can you see that is different, or will shape the idea.



Blue sphere

Circle View – looking for different perspectives around the situation or experience, to truly understand the point of view or experience or, better still, to deepen the experience. Turn the experience around and examine it from all angles and views.


Child taking photo

Camera view – seeing life through a filter or a lens of creativity and curiosity.


Open box

In the box view – what are all the things that you would put in a box about the experience, idea or situation. Then, if you were to lift the box’s lid, what would you see, how would it be contained. 



Eye View – seeing life directly as it is, is an important stage of understanding the situation or idea.


Teaching the concept of perspective is powerful. When I teach this concept, we go through a journey of learning how to see, change and recognise different perspectives. We also see and learn about ourselves. During this process, we deepen our experiences in life and develop a range of different perspectives. Connecting and bringing deep dreams and visions into perspective is simply amazing.

One of the exciting things we discover through mentoring is the different perspectives; we layer and layer the ideas and see them through the lens of perspectives until we have created something totally unique.

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