What comes first? Passion or Purpose?

Here’s an interesting thought for you… and I would love to hear your thoughts on this question: What comes first: Your passion or your purpose?

Some people love what they do, they are passionate about art, drawing, working with children or building things and this can often lead us into hobbies or jobs. When people are passionate about something it raises their energy. Think about what you are passionate about and how this connects to how you feel.

If we are passionate about something does it lead us to our purpose?

Some people become teachers, pilots or artists, because that’s their purpose and they are also passionate about it.

For me, I found my purpose through organic personal growth. As a child, I was always wanting to teach other children. I used to love playing schools with my sisters and friends.

Teachers at school used to ask me to help other children with reading and then I discovered I had a purpose, and that purpose was teaching.

The more I turned my skills into teaching, the more I became passionate about teaching and the more I enjoyed it. So, which does come first? Our passion or our purpose?

My passion of knitting, I also turned that into a purpose later on in life – that purpose was knitting for other people who wanted handmade knitted items but were unable to knit themselves.

I also turned that into a purpose when I knitted for the Royal Children’s Hospital, for the premmie babies. I loved knitting those cute little mittens and bonnets! It gave me a great sense of purpose knowing I was helping the little babies by providing something that was warm, comforting and nurturing in that time of need.

Can the two meet and cohabit successfully?

Passion relates to anything that gives us energy – and makes us happy. Passion is often related to our emotions and what makes us feel good or excited. Does passion give us the energy to do our purpose?

Purpose connects with motivation and the reason for the action or job that we do, enabling us to live a fulfilling life that brings us and others joy. It’s more about the “Why” rather than the “What”.

Philosophers have long debated whether there is a fundamental tension between the two.

Imagine your young person understanding what they are passionate about and what their purpose is at a young age. Is this self-mastery?

I worked with boys who were 12 to 16 years of age to understand their passion and purpose. The result was they transitioned from school to adulthood with grace and ease. They had a plan, and their passion ignited the plan, connecting this to the purpose of what they are going to achieve in this lifetime.

Did these young people have a strong connection to themselves, empowerment and knowledge to succeed at a young age? Does that mean there is a connection between purpose, passion and self-mastery?

What are your thoughts? What are your passions that are also your purpose?

I have always been curious about teaching and also how the brain, mind and body all work together. This led me to studying about teaching and psychology. This connected to the passion of teaching young people about themselves and self-mastery. My purpose is now to educate the next generation about self-mastery connected to their purpose and passion.

Does that mean: Passion + Purpose +Self-mastery = Learning

Learning experience 

Think about when you were a child, what did you like doing, what did others notice that you were good at…. or…. think about what your young person is good at doing or what you notice that your young person is good at…do these things give you or your young person lots of energy…

Write the ideas on a sticky note…and see if this is something that you or your young person is passionate about? Then check to see if this links to your purpose for this lifetime or your career or the career your young person would like to do when they are older.

Use a sticky note and write a quote about what your purpose and passion is and place it on the fridge.

I love the power of quotes…. which are small gems of wisdom… so find a quote that links to passion or purpose.

Young people deserve a safe space to learn about self-mastery. With my facilitated online course, there is an opportunity for young people to develop strong resources to understand and cope with life’s challenges; register your interest for my 5-week course or simply get in touch.

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